Shipping & General Information

General Information:

The wood species we use are completely natural with a clear finish. There may be some tight knots, wood grain and coloring variations. This is especially the case with Eastern Red Cedar which has very distinct red and white wood grain variations. These variations differ with each and every sign as you will see with all of our online samples. This adds to the beauty and uniqueness of your sign.  Your order will be individually made and painted by hand, as are all our handcrafted signs, and therefore no two signs will be exactly alike. You will have a unique, one of a kind work of art!

**We will lay your sign out similar to the sample signs shown in our shopping cart but reserve the right to rearrange slightly as needed for better design.**
Signs are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor display. All signs include acrylic paints for hand-painted artwork.  An oil based, clear lacquer spray is applied to all signs.  If you will be hanging your sign outdoors in direct weather, you will need to apply an additional sealer when needed. We recommend Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear Gloss. We only use wood species that will not decay. The sealer is mainly for the appearance of the sign. All sign designs have black lettering.

Most of our signs are available as double sided signs. This allows you to hang your sign so that personalization is visible from both sides.

Proofs are available, on some designs, prior to manufacturing. Please inquire via email.

We understand mistakes happen.  If you make a mistake when ordering and do not realize it until you receive the sign, we will re-make the sign with the correction at a discounted price.  If we make the mistake, we will make a corrected replacement sign at no cost to you.  Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want you to be a happy customer.  Please notify us immediately via email if you are not satisfied with the sign you receive.  We will do our very best to remedy the situation.  We are here to provide you with a product of excellent quality at a very affordable price and will always do our best to ensure that you are a happy customer.  Read what our satisfied customers have to say on our customer reviews page.

Our signs are great for all occasions…Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, Retirement parties, wedding gifts, etc. A personalized gift is a great gift!

Shipping Information:

Our goal is to complete orders as they come in and place in the mail within 5-7 days after receiving. Production time may be a little longer during certain holidays such as Christmas and Father’s Day.

Online sign purchases are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail which usually takes 3-4 days.  The total turnaround time after you order your sign is approximately 10 days.  The shipping and handling charges range between $9.95 – $25.95.  Your shipping charges will be calculated during the ordering process after you enter the shipping address and the amount will depend on which sign you purchase and where the sign is being shipped.

We strive to keep shipping costs as reasonable as possible, and do offer a ½ price discount on shipping when ordering more than one sign.

For example:
First sign $9.95 (regular shipping)
Second sign $4.97 (½ price)
Total shipping $14.92 for both signs

Secure packaging and bubble wrap ensures that your custom sign will arrive safely.  We do ship internationally upon advance request.   Please inquire via email as to details and shipping rates.

Questions? Email Us!